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A Window into Efficiency: The OpenEEmeter Dashboard

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August 7, 2017
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A Window into Efficiency: The OpenEEmeter Dashboard

The OpenEEmeter is an open source software platform for calculating energy efficiency savings. Using the meter, private companies, utilities, regulators, or anyone else with access to energy data can calculate savings for a set of building efficiency projects.

The meter’s core stack is entirely open source and available for anyone to download, inspect, and modify. But working with the open source version does require some coding skills.

To make things easier (and prettier) we’ve designed a dashboard to help visualize meter results. Using the dashboard, OpenEE enterprise customers can get instant visual insight into a set of projects.

All meter runs calculate weather normalized gross savings for projects. In other words, meter results will show you how much energy a building (or group of buildings) saved after a retrofit compared to what it would have consumed without an upgrade.

Depending on what other data (what we call metadata) is available, the dashboard can show:

  • ‍Where projects occurred (map)
  • ‍The average savings from an upgrade
  • ‍Which contractors performed the best (and which ones not so much…)
  • ‍Which measures were most effective for a given set of houses
  • ‍And more.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to introduce you to some of these features and give some examples of the kind of insights you can get about energy efficiency. Stay tuned!

Want to find out more? Join us on September 19th for an introductory webinar about the OpenEEmeter and dashboard.

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