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IEPEC Panel:Open Source Software and the New Energy Frontier

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August 7, 2019
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IEPEC Panel:Open Source Software and the New Energy Frontier

Going to the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference in Denver? Come see Recurve Director of Customer Solutions Ethan Goldman along with other distinguished panelists to discuss how open source collaboration is transforming the energy efficiency industry. 

Open source software is everywhere, and has revolutionized many regulated industries, including finance and telecommunications. Now open source is coming to the energy sector in a big way. This discussion is a must for all policy experts, regulators, data analysts anyone else in the industry who wants to understand the challenges and opportunities of this historic shift.

Who should attend:

Policy experts and regulators 
Data analysts

Wednesday, August 21
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Session 4E


Shuli Goodman, LF Energy 
Ethan Goldman, Recurve
Nick Lange, VEIC 
Pasi Miettinen, Sagewell


Collaboration and consistent standards for methods have been a mainstay of the evaluation community. The recent advent of open source software solutions in the data management and analytics space opens a new opportunity for collaboration but also presents a tension. These software and tools leverage the power of collaboration to drive innovation, but many questions concerning their application in energy efficiency evaluation use have been raised.

This panel will be an informative review and provocative discussion of how open source software has transformed other industries, like telecommunications, and the similarities and differences that may exist for a similar transition in the energy industry. 

Panelists will debate the need for either proprietary or open-source or the boundaries of both options for the future health of software solutions in the new energy management (programs and evaluation) frontier. Challenges and opportunities of early adoption, competition, procurement, peer review and transparency reflect some of the discussions that are currently active in this space.

Questions to be discussed include: For which evaluation conditions are open source solutions appropriate? How can evaluators be sure they are using the solutions appropriately? Do open source methods threaten the business models and software solutions that only work with proprietary licensing? How will utilities, regulators, or other market actors come to terms with “libre” and “gratis” open source software as a service? Which models will be most valuable for our industry and in which circumstances? Can open source help solve common problems such as secure data transfer protocols or secure electric vehicle charging? Can open source software improve data access over proprietary software?

Not going to IEPEC? Feel free to contact us to learn more about how open source measurement is transforming the energy industry.

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