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MCE Announces RFP for Residential Pay for Performance

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March 14, 2019
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MCE Announces RFP for Residential Pay for Performance

Earlier this month MCE, California’s first Community Choice Aggregator, issued a request for bids for their new residential pay for performance programs.  

MCE’s Comprehensive Residential Pay-for-Performance (P4P) Program (P4P Program) is looking for proposals that will enable a scalable model for residential interventions and tap into rapidly emerging market actors and products while minimizing administrative and implementation costs. MCE’s Energy Efficiency Business Plan provides information about the residential building characteristics (stock and vintage), known problems and triggers, in the MCE service territory as well as other elements of their past and current residential energy efficiency strategies.

Selected Respondents will be paid based on the savings achieved in aggregate and based on the change in normalized metered energy consumption (NMEC). MCE is using this model to give Respondents flexibility in offering market solutions that can deliver savings to meet the goals cost effectively.

This is an exciting opportunity for vendors to bring their best and brightest ideas into the MCE service territory, enhance the customer experience and support MCE in meeting their ambitious energy savings targets.  

Bids are due April 2, 2019; and details of the solicitation can be found on the MCE website “Careers & Solicitations.”

OpenEE applauds MCE’s leadership in deploying a market based approach to energy efficiency, leveraging standardized and open-source ( measurement and pay-for-performance to enable marketplace innovation and private financing. As CCA’s continue to expand in California, their ability to effectively deploy energy efficiency and demand flexibility will be critical to the State’s ability to reach its ambitious GHG targets.

We encourage business model and technology innovators to take this opportunity to provide your innovative solutions to enable scale in residential energy efficiency.

If you are one of these companies, we are also happy to discuss how you can leverage CalTRACK and the OpenEEmeter to optimize your business model, attract capital, and become prepared to participate in the future of energy efficiency as a resource.

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