Recurve Joins Linux Foundation Energy and Contributes the OpenEEmeter

May 15, 2019

Open source is in our DNA.

Now, as OpenEE becomes Recurve (stay tuned for details!), we are thrilled to announce that LF Energy will be hosting our open source projects.

We believe that open source collaboration is the key to developing the foundational systems required to bring demand-side resources to market. This is particularly true in energy efficiency, where the entire market is based on a calculated value. For parties to trade, this calculation needs to be transparent and replicable to all parties. Open source is the answer.

LF Energy is a Linux Foundation initiative dedicated to developing and sustaining open source technology innovation in the energy and electricity sectors. As a founding member, Recurve joins a rapidly growing community supported by the world’s leading utilities, system operators, system integrators, technology vendors, academic institutions, and end-user organizations to accelerate the global energy industry transition to achieve efficient, sustainable, and distributed power systems.

As part of one of the Linux Foundation, the original and most respected open source organization in the world, LF Energy clearly understands open source projects and how to make them succeed. What sets LF Energy apart is their vision for how open source can drive innovation and the software ecosystem needed to achieve a distributed clean energy grid.

Open source software has revolutionized other industries such as telecommunications. We believe it has the same transformative potential for the energy industry and Recurve is excited to be an active contributor to this important initiative.

As the lead developers of the CalTRACK methods and the OpenEEmeter, we put into practice our conviction that the future of energy efficiency and demand flexibility lies in procurement-centered, performance-based markets governed by consensus-based, open methods and software.

As the new home for these projects, LF Energy will provide open frameworks and reference architectures.  It also will bring the projects closer to complementary initiatives to create collaborative solutions that are compatible and support the entire power system ecosystem from generation and aggregation to transmission, distribution, and demand response and flexibility services.

We are proud to have founded and contributed to LF Energy both the OpenEEmeter and the Energy Market Methods Consortium (EM2).  

  • OpenEEmeter: The OpenEEmeter project is an open source engine that quantifies monthly, daily, and hourly changes in energy consumption, from behind-the-meter building interventions, to define consistent transactional units for distributed energy resources, ensure transparency, and provide a quantifiable standard for an ecosystem that enables markets for behind-the-meter flexibility as a resource. OpenEEmeter implements the methods created by the CalTRACK working group in EM2. This project was contributed by Recurve, formerly Open Energy Efficiency.
  • Energy Market Methods Consortium (EM2): Energy Market Methods Consortium is developing standardized methods, linked to open source code, to enable demand flexibility as a resource, supporting energy programs and distributed energy resource (DER) ​markets. EM2 includes three working groups: CalTRACK, which standardizes measurements of meter-based changes in consumption; GRID, which provides methods for relative impacts to load shape for claimable savings and forecasting net grid impacts; and SEAT, which leverages differential privacy to enable a range of data-driven policy and market-based use cases using AMI data. This project was contributed by a diverse group of stakeholders that includes utilities, regulators, evaluators, software companies, and load shape aggregators, through a multi-year process that was led by Recurve (formerly Open Energy Efficiency).

We believe LF Energy is the perfect home for these important consensus-building efforts, and that open source is the future for energy analytics.

About Recurve

Over the past three years, OpenEE (now Recurve) has dedicated itself to creating methods, open source software, and a platform that revolutionizes the way energy efficiency is measured, deployed and procured. Our robust and tested SaaS implementation of CalTRACK methods and the OpenEEmeter codebase is powering programs and markets that pay for demand flexibility as a resource. We're all about shaping the curve.

About the Linux Foundation

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