Webinar: How Engaging with MCE’s Commercial Efficiency Market Can Help Grow Your Business

October 14, 2021

Date: 10/29
11:00-12:00 Pacific
Who it's for:
Aggregators and LSEs


Joey Lande (jlande@mcecleanenergy.org), Manager of Customer Programs, MCE (Market Overview, Co-branding Opportunity)
Richard Boehnke (richard@recurve.com), Director of Demand Flexibility Markets, Recurve (Targeting)
Cesar Barragan (C6BE@pge.com), On-Bill Financing Program Manager, PG&E
Matthew Brown (mbrown@neifund.org), Chair and Co-Founder, National Energy Improvement Fund


Have you heard about MCE’s Commercial Efficiency Market and want to learn more about it? What resources are available to participating Market aggregators to increase revenue? How can engaging in the MCE Commercial Efficiency Market help grow your business?

The MCE Commercial Efficiency Market enables innovative aggregator business models and technologies and pays incentives based on the maximum cost-effective value generated by aggregator projects, without the barriers and complexity of traditional energy efficiency programs. Aggregators are encouraged to develop their own unique business models to enroll projects and best serve their customers to deliver technology and financing solutions, without complex program rules, onerous paperwork, or deemed outcomes.

In this webinar, you will learn about how the MCE Commercial Efficiency Market fosters innovation and what tools are available to aggregators that will support your business. 

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