Webinar: Industry Use Cases for the OpenEEmeter

July 7, 2020

LFEnergy OpenEEmeter Meetup Webinar Series

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2020
12:30 PM PDT


Phil Ngo (Director of Engineering, Recurve)

Who is it for?
OpenEEmeter users, new and old. 

In this webinar, Phil Ngo, one of the principal developers of the OpenEEmeter, will present industry use cases for this groundbreaking open source Advanced M&V software. 

The webinar will serve as the kick off for a series of recurring LFEnergy meetups for OpenEEmeter users to share ideas, make new partnerships, participate in workshops, and be inspired by guest speakers. This inaugural event will feature introductions and a discussion of how to make the meetup series as useful as possible for attendees. Users new and old are invited to participate in this event.

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