Recurve is Excited to Welcome Kimberly Conley as Customer Solutions Manager!

August 19, 2020

Recurve is excited to welcome Kimberly Conley as Customer Solutions Manager. 

Kimberly brings both a longstanding passion for sustainability and extensive experience in software startup culture to the team.  

Kimberly experienced firsthand the environmental impact of unchecked economic growth while living and working in China. When her lungs couldn’t take it anymore, she returned to the U.S., determined to live and work to reduce energy consumption and promote alternative transportation.

Kimberly spent six years at PG&E managing energy efficiency products and programs, including the largest meter-based behavioral energy efficiency program in the country. She brings to the Recurve team years of utility, technology and program management experience across a broad range of companies — from small startups to Google, Skype, and VMware.

An activist and environmentalist, Kimberly is passionate about urbanity. She loves complex problems, the nuance of translation, singing badly, straying from recipes while cooking, immersing herself in fiction, and backpacking.

Connect with Kimberly on LinkedIn.

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