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Why Open Source?

Standard weights and measures are essential to the operations of any functional market, but is largely absent in the energy efficiency industry today.

To enable consistency and transparency for facilitating transactions we created the CalTRACK methods and built the OpenEEMeter code base to implement them.

- Standard Calculation Methods for Energy Efficiency and Electrification

- Developed in a collaborative process for empirical testing

- Detailed documentation of Monthly, Daily, and Hourly approaches

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- Python Engine to consistently execute CalTRACK methods

- Open Source License Apache 2.0

- Available Without Restriction

- Innovation through continued collaboration

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LF-Energy, a project of the Linux Foundation, is now the home of Recurve’s open source projects, CalTRACK and OpenEEmeter.
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How the OpenEEmeter Works

The OpenEEmeter allows anyone to use their own meter data to compute changes in energy consumption, after an intervention, in a replicable way. 

Baseline and reporting periods are defined by the endpoints of the project period.

Used by anyone

The OpenEEmeter is a publically available Python package created at Recurve released under the permissive open-source Apache 2.0 license.

Recurve is proud to have contributed the OpenEEmeter project to the Linux Foundation Energy initiative.

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Use your own data

We’ve made the OpenEEmeter straightforward for anyone to use on their own data by building it on top of the popular Python scientific stack and integrating public weather data.

To get started you can access the OpenEEmeter source code and tutorials on Github.

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Replicate savings analysis

Replicability allows diverse parties to use the same underlying methods across programs and implementations to compute changes in energy consumption.

The OpenEEmeter contains reference implementations of the open-source monthly billing and hourly CalTRACK methods.

Learn about Monthly MethodsLearn about Hourly Methods

The CalTRACK methods and the open source OpenEEmeter codebase
power the Recurve SaaS enterprise platform

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