Flex Ledger

Revenue-grade auditable accounting of demand flexibility portfolios to enable payments issued to third parties, savings claims, and procurement reporting.

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The Flex Ledger helps utilities record and value revenue-grade demand flexibility impacts to manage payments to third parties, as well as for filing claims with regulatory agencies. Similar to an accounting system, the Flex Ledger provides an end-to-end system of record for registering contract requirements, valuing metered savings, creating invoices, managing payments, and reporting savings to regulators, all backed by a fully auditable trail of all transactions and calculations down to the individual meter.

Flex Ledger


 Fully auditable outcomes that can be audited back to the actual meter data and flexibility purchase agreement (FPA) terms and calculations.

Smart Contracts

 A single source of truth that defines eligibility and data requirements, with measurement and valuation calculation agreement.

Flexible Valuation

Create custom valuation functions to determine carbon savings, utility avoided costs, customer bill savings, and more, all based on the underlying savings calculations generated by the Recurve platform. 

Transaction Management

Generate invoices and track payments like quickbooks for demand flexibility.


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