Resource Planner

Population meter-level analytics for comparison groups, targeting of high potential resources and forecasting impacts to the grid and climate.
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The Resource Planner supports a utility’s ability to plan and forecast behind the meter potential utilizing population-level customer meter data. Resource Planner’s secure framework provides unprecedented individual meter level analytics from the edge of the grid, enabling the procurement of demand flexibility resources to create more cost-effective programs.

In a world of intermittent generation, worsening duck curves, and unpredictable peak loads, efficiency based on average monthly or annual savings is no longer good enough. The Recurve platform transforms traditional efficiency, storage, electrification and other measures into demand flexibility that can be deployed when and where it is needed to meet the needs of a changing grid.

Resource planner

Grid Edge Telemetry

Site-based analysis

Understand and visualize the load-shape impacts of any intervention, across your entire service area, in near-real time, at a meter level.

Demand Flexibility

Resource Targeting

Find the customers with the greatest potential for benefit to maximize customer and grid value.

Procurement Planning

Procurement Planning

Evolve your behind-the-meter utility program into a resource that can be incorporated into the energy procurement and forecasting process.


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