Building Decarbonization Coalition Presents: How SMUD Re-Engineered Itself to Focus On Decarbonization Through Flexibility and Electrification

March 2, 2020

Building Decarbonization Coalition Webinar Series
March 19, 2020
10:00 AM Pacific Time


Scott Blunk - SMUD
Matt Golden - Recurve
Adam Scheer - Recurve

Who is this webinar for?
Advocates, policymakers, utilities, program implementors, and market aggregators.

Learning objective:
Learn how to properly calculate GHG impacts and align incentives around decarbonization goals, and how this change will impact utility programs and public policy.

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is a community-owned not-for-profit electric utility that is leading the nation in building decarbonization, supporting both the rapid expansion of renewables and incentivizing the shift to comprehensive building electrification. SMUD has demonstrated this leadership by being the first utility to claim natural gas savings on a carbon equivalency, set a goal of being the first net zero carbon utility and, most recently, has realigned its demand-side management programs to track and report avoided natural gas emissions.

In this webinar, presented by the Building Decarbonization Coalition, we will hear from SMUD on how their recent first in the world shift to measuring and setting energy efficiency goals in carbon is affecting every aspect of their business. Scott Blunk of SMUD will explain the utility’s approach to quantification of GHGs, and how this impacts the integration of beneficial electrification of buildings.

Then Recurve, the leading provider of revenue-grade demand flexibility tracking and analytics, will present how they are working with SMUD to quantify demand flexibility at the meter to correctly measure GHG reductions on an hourly marginal basis. Along with the clear vision for GHG reduction, this meter-based revenue grade quantification enables SMUD to engage markets with confidence and bring to bear the full range of distributed resources, from heat pumps and insulation to solar and storage.

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