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Recurve is accelerating the transition to a clean energy economy by helping utilities integrate distributed energy resources, energy efficiency, and demand flexibility into the emerging carbon-free energy grid.

What we do
What we do

Enable Energy Resource Planning

Recurve's open-source platform and tools help utilities leverage their smart meter data to quickly and accurately measure energy usage and the impact of efficiency and demand flexibility on the grid.

Create Virtual Power Plants

Recurve's user-friendly demand flexibility platform, FLEXmarket, enables virtual power plants by paying aggregators for the value their services deliver to the grid. 

Case Study: Taper + Food4Less and the Recurve FLEXmarket
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Featured Customer

See What We Do, in 90-Seconds

How Recurve is helping Ameren help small businesses during COVID through Energy Efficiency.

Recurve Amren video embed
Featured Customer

See What We Do, in 90-Seconds

How Recurve is helping Ameren help small businesses during COVID through Energy Efficiency.

Featured Product

Enabling the Integration of Behind-the-Meter Demand Flexibility as a Resource

FLEXmarket for Virtual Power Plants

The FLEXmarket platform for virtual power plants connects the companies innovating on the scalable business models and technologies needed to achieve decarbonization with a price signal that values demand flexibility as a grid resource.

“Market Access” FLEXmarket for Emergency Summer Reliability

During the next heatwave in California, the California Energy Commission (CPUC) is forecasting a two million homes summer peak energy shortfall.

Recurve is honored that the CPUC has chosen the FLEXmarket approach as its primary solution for the state's summer reliability emergency.
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Our Products

Recurve Product Suite

Whether you are in the market serving customers or running utility programs or procurements, Recurve’s products provide the platform you need.

Case Study

The Power of Pay-for-Performance Electrification

Recurve and Franklin Energy showed how a measured, performance-based
approach can deliver for customers, the climate, and the grid.

In collaboration with a major California utility, Franklin Energy and Recurve have proven the effectiveness of a performance-based, measured approach in energy efficiency programs. Pivoting to a meter-based pay-for-performance model in 2020, Franklin delivered incentives based on actual, quantifiable energy savings from a multitude of implementers and projects. Their innovative approach resulted in an average gas reduction of 43% per customer, and peak summer electricity savings of 20%, exceeding projections. The program was extremely simple to implement.

For its electrification initiatives, Franklin relied on Recurve’s meter-based targeting analysis. This analysis showed that customers who used air conditioning in hotter climates were more likely to save on their energy bills by replacing both heating and cooling with an efficient heat pump. By targeting these customers, Franklin was able to eliminate their winter gas use and deliver summer electricity savings at the times when it was dirtiest, most expensive, and posed the highest risk to grid stability.

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Open source

No black boxes,
transparency is at our core

The Recurve platform implements the CalTRACK methods via the open source OpenEEmeter to support transparent market transactions for distributed energy resources, and is supported by one of the largest open source foundations in the world.

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