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Recurve’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy by integrating behind the meter demand flexibility resources into the emerging carbon-free energy grid.

What we do
What we do

Recurve provides a revenue-grade open-source platform that empowers utilities to plan, procure, and deploy Demand Flexibility as a virtual power plant.

Recurve’s platform can identify the available resource potential behind customer meters, then deploy programs and markets based on an hourly price signal that leverages marketplace innovation to scale up this essential resource. 

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How Recurve is helping Ameren help small businesses during COVID through Energy Efficiency.

Our Products

Recurve Product Suite

Whether you are in the market serving customers or running utility programs or procurements, Recurve’s products provide the platform you need.

Featured Product

Recurve FLEXmarket

Recurve has partnered with MCE to launch a new FLEXmarket.

By offering vendors payments for load shifting to non-peak hours and event-based response to support grid reliability and resiliency, the FLEXmarket effectively integrates energy efficiency measures and demand response to create a truly flexible resource that can manage both extreme events and the long-term load-shaping needs of a decarbonizing grid.

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What can you do with Recurve?

Meter-based pay-for-performance is transforming efficiency and demand flexibility by replacing centralized programs with flexible, technology-agnostic markets that pay for actual results at the meter.

Deliver Pay-for-Performance
With Confidence

Recurve has developed the only platform designed and built specifically to support pay-for-performance markets.

Track Performance As It Happens

Program savings shouldn't be a surprise. Track M&V in near real time to manage your channels, forecast impacts and optimize as you go.

Find Your Highest-Potential Customers

Evolve your behind-the-meter utility program into a resource that can be incorporated into the energy procurement and forecasting process.

Utilize Leading Edge Security and Privacy Protections 

Simplify regulatory reporting through transparent open-source methods and code that can be easily verified.


Stay at home orders due to COVID, economic changes, and the electrification of buildings, all change patterns of energy use, overwhelm traditional measurement techniques for demand flexibility and energy efficiency.

To solve this problem, the GRIDmeter automates advanced stratified comparison groups proven capable of isolating the effects of exogenous changes on portfolios.

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Open source

No black boxes,
transparency is at our core

The Recurve platform implements the CalTRACK methods via the open source OpenEEmeter to support transparent market transactions for distributed energy resources, and is supported by one of the largest open source foundations in the world.

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