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We're connecting the dots between efficiency, electrification, renewable energy, and DERs to enable demand flexibility to become a market-based procurable resource.

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Integrated Behind the Meter Flexibility into Capacity and Energy Markets

Matt Golden, CEO of Recurve, lays out the case for flexibility as a behind the meter resource at the 2019 IESO Electricity Markets of the Future Summit.


What can you do with Recurve?


Your secure platform for transparent measurement and verification of load impacts

Stop flying blind. With the Recurve platform take control of your portfolio’s performance. Manage risk, get ahead, and scale successful programs.

Metered impacts at
your fingertips in real time.

Measured time and locational impacts - you’ve heard of it. We do it.

Quantify grid value
and carbon reduction.

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Open source

No black boxes,
transparency is at our core

The Recurve platform implements the CalTRACK methods via the open source OpenEEmeter to support transparent market transactions for distributed energy resources, and is supported by one of the largest open source foundations in the world.

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Learn more about how we’re turning demand flexibility into a market-based procurable resource.