Whether you are in the market serving customers or running utility programs or procurements, Recurve’s products provide the platform you need.


The Resource Planner supports a utility’s ability to plan and forecast behind the meter potential utilizing population-level customer meter data. Resource Planner’s secure framework provides unprecedented individual meter level analytics from the edge of the grid, enabling the procurement of demand flexibility resources to create more cost-effective programs.

In a world of intermittent generation, worsening duck curves, and unpredictable peak loads, efficiency based on average monthly or annual savings is no longer good enough. The Recurve platform transforms traditional efficiency, storage, electrification and other measures into demand flexibility that can be deployed when and where it is needed to meet the needs of a changing grid.

Grid Edge Telemetry

Understand and visualize the load-shape impacts of any intervention, across your entire service area, in near-real time, at a meter level.

Customer Targeting

Find the customers with the greatest potential for benefit to maximize customer and grid value.

Procurement Planning

Evolve your behind-the-meter utility program into a resource that can be incorporated into the energy procurement and forecasting process.

Regulatory Compliance

Simplify regulatory reporting through transparent open-source methods and code that can be easily verified.


The Fleet Manager supports both programs and market aggregators through real-time advanced M&V in order to optimize the development of technology and business models that deliver cost-effective outcomes utilizing project data. Fleet Manager utilizes open-source, revenue-grade measurement for fleets of deployed assets (projects) and can be conducted on historical program data as well as on a near real-time basis during implementation.

Asset Tracking

Follow the performance of each demand-side asset (HVAC replacement, lighting upgrade, heat pump  installation, demand response enrollment) using open-source, revenue-grade measurement. 


Organize individual hourly, daily, and monthly impacts into fleets of deployed assets to understand and optimize performance across the full spectrum of projects.  Savings are available and updated at any desired frequency. Analysis can be conducted on historical program data or on a near real-time basis during implementation.

Project Qualification
& Enrollment

Give third parties the tools they need to succeed with secure, limited access particular portfolios that let them see exactly the information you want to share. Especially useful where the third party is being held accountable to the savings results, but can also be extended to provide visibility to regulators and evaluators.


The Flex Ledger helps utilities record and value revenue-grade demand flexibility impacts to manage payments to third parties, as well as for filing claims with regulatory agencies. Similar to an accounting system, the Flex Ledger provides an end-to-end system of record for registering contract requirements, valuing metered savings, creating invoices, managing payments, and reporting savings to regulators, all backed by a fully auditable trail of all transactions and calculations down to the individual meter.

Revenue-Grade Calculations

Fully auditable outcomes that can be audited back to the actual meter data and flexibility purchase agreement (FPA) terms and calculations.

Smart Contracts

A single source of truth that defines eligibility and data requirements, with measurement and valuation calculation agreement.

Flexible Valuation

Create custom valuation functions to determine carbon savings, utility avoided costs, customer bill savings, and more, all based on the underlying savings calculations generated by the Recurve platform. 

Transaction Management

Generate invoices and track payments like quickbooks for demand flexibility.