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About us

Our Story

Recurve connects the dots between efficiency, electrification, renewable energy, and DERs to enable demand flexibility to become a market-based procurable resource.

Since 2015, we have dedicated ourselves to creating transparent methods and open-source software to revolutionize the way energy efficiency is measured, deployed and procured.

The Recurve Platform provides leading utilities, regulators, and aggregators with a secure, scalable solution that enables markets for demand flexibility as a resource.
our management Team
Our Management Team

A trusted resource

Our team of policy experts, efficiency veterans, leading data scientists and world class software engineers is at the heart of what makes Recurve great. We are passionate about what we do, we love our customers and we think data is fun!

Matt Golden

Matt Golden

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Golden is the founder and CEO of Recurve, a company that enables demand flexibility to procure virtual power plants to support a resilient, stable, low-carbon grid. 

Recurve provides revenue-grade telemetry to enable buildings and their occupants to participate in decarbonizing the grid. From smart thermostats and heat pumps to electric vehicle charging and both electric and thermal storage, the Recurve platform makes a market for all demand flexibility from behind-the-meter to be quantified, integrated, and paid as a resource.

Matt has provided his expertise on demand-side technologies, markets, and finance as a serial entrepreneur and policy advocate. He has testified before the US Senate, UK Parliament, and International Energy Agency, spoke at COP21, and has been featured in numerous articles and publications, including an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Previously, Matt helped create Sustainable Spaces, later renamed Recurve (1.0) — the leading tablet-based energy auditing software for the home performance industry built off his experience as a licensed contractor who audited and retrofitted thousands of California homes. Uplight acquired this earlier version of Recurve in 2011.

Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in foreign relations from Georgetown University and is a recovering licensed California contractor.

Carmen Best

Carmen Best

Chief Policy Officer

With a background in geology, Carmen rocked efficiency as head of EM&V for the California Public Utilities Commission, and is now crushing it at Recurve.

Carmen led the Energy Efficiency Commercial Programs & Evaluation team and served as a senior analyst during her ten years working with the California Public Utilities Commission. While there, she facilitated the Commission’s transition to standardized data and reporting, priority-based evaluation planning, and stakeholder engagement processes to manage its large-scale energy efficiency evaluation portfolio.  

She brought the findings and insights from these efforts to statewide energy policy through demand forecasting, integrated resource planning and overall improvements in the deployment of energy efficiency, and has shared lessons learned across the continent and the world.  

Carmen holds a master’s degree from the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and her geology credentials were earned at the University of North Dakota.

Patrick Bischoff

Patrick Bischoff

Chief Operating Officer

A globe-trotting cosmopolitan and serial entrepreneur, Patrick comes to Recurve with a long and eclectic track record of building and leading successful IT companies, from both the operations and investor sides of the business. He has held several C-level positions and was responsible for corporate governance and oversight as a board member of publicly traded companies and has three IPO’s and three strategic sales under his belt of which two are in the energy space. (WorldEnergySolutions and Greensmith Energy) 

Having lived and worked on every continent except Australia and Antarctica, Patrick applies a truly global, think-outside-the-box perspective to Recurve's mission of accelerating the clean energy transition. He believes in leading from the front, engaging deeply, and learning from everyone he works with. A Leo who is dangerously fond of analogies and metaphors, he is excited to fire up the engines of the "Recurve Rocket" to push the company to new heights.

Patrick has lived everywhere from Frankfurt to London, Tokyo to Hong Kong, San Francisco to Washington DC (and now Las Vegas). He is as comfortable crawling through pipes to get to a rave as he is in a tux at the classical ballet. An athlete, he loves all kinds of competitive sports (ocean racing sailboats, skydiving, heli-skiing, mountain biking, swimming, surfing, soccer, and American football among others), collects art, and is crazy about building Star Wars Lego Models.

He loves seeing his daughters, age 19 and 22, grow into responsible and mindful global citizens and enjoys science fiction in all forms, and knows the answer is always 42.

Mark Kinsella

Mark Kinsella

Chief Technology Officer

Mark has spent years scaling software platforms and teams with companies like Lyft and Opendoor. He brings that experience to Recurve where he can put it to use building scalable software and analytics and fighting climate change.

At Opendoor, Mark oversaw the engineering organization and helped scale their platforms and teams. Before that, he built and led numerous engineering teams at Lyft, including in the Support & Internal Tools, Safety & Insurance, and Driver Divisions. He eventually helped the company through its IPO.

Mark comes from a family of teachers and naturally began his career on the path to professor-hood. Though he ended up pivoting and getting his Bachelor of Science in computer science and engineering, he kept his passion for helping others succeed alive. He started by managing interns and helping new graduates, which led him to engineering leadership.

C.J. Tinloy

C.J. Tinloy

Chief Financial Officer

C.J. is a CPA with a passion for people and data-driven insights. Her experience helping several startups scale, from Series A-E rounds to notable acquisitions, makes her an invaluable asset to Recurve, especially when the company is poised for significant growth.

After graduating from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, C.J. started her career at Ernst & Young but soon found her niche at the intersection of finance and technology. She "earned her ears" leading the mobile game finance team at Disney Interactive and solidified her expertise during a four-year tenure at Electronic Arts' mobile gaming division. In C.J.'s startup journey, she helped several companies (including two unicorns) through multiple rounds of financing, including three acquisitions.     

Outside the professional sphere, C.J. enjoys traveling with her wife, exploring destinations from Budapest and Lisbon to Chicago and any Disney property. On many weekends, she volunteers leading walking tours of the Mission district with San Francisco City Guides.

Adam Scheer

Adam Scheer

Vice President, Applied Data Science

After spending a decade immersed in fundamental physics research it’s safe to say Adam is capable of understanding complex topics. That his last five years in energy efficiency have left him confused and disoriented is exactly why we hired him at Recurve to help us bring a new way of thinking to this industry.

While at PG&E, Adam made a splash in the EM&V group by working to connect research and data analytics to the EE portfolio. He then supervised the Residential Programs team as they were laying the foundation for a transition to meter-based pay-for-performance. He rounded out his time there as the Principal member of the Policy group, focusing on cost-effectiveness and market transformation. Along the way he led customer targeting research that is now being deployed across PG&E’s P4P programs.

Adam is trained in the art of problem-solving, having received a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Colorado-Boulder where he completed much of his research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He then migrated west to complete a postdoctoral fellowship at the Combustion Research Facility of Sandia National Labs. There he worked extensively at the giant synchrotron laser down the street at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research focused on a range of topics, including the sub-microsecond ignition chemistry of novel biofuel molecules. In total, Adam published more than 30 articles in a range of high-impact scientific journals. Simple stuff really.

Fred Grailer

Fred Grailer

Vice President of Sales

Fred brings an infectious enthusiasm and a determination to effect tangible change to Recurve. He is a people-oriented leader with a wealth of expertise in guiding high-performing, revenue-generating teams and has a proven track record of success at prominent companies such as Sitetracker, Apptio, and SAP. 

He is eager to be part of a unique venture that has the potential to make a significant impact on our planet, particularly through the virtual power plant model, a groundbreaking disruptor in the energy market. He looks forward to leveraging both his proficiency in implementing structured sales processes and his substantial experience selling project-based solutions into the advanced energy and utilities markets to propel Recurve's growth and advance its transformative vision.

Fred resides in the Atlanta area, where he and his wife are dedicated to raising their four active boys. Their family life is a whirlwind of baseball fields, swim meets, music concerts, college events, and whatever other activities their sons devise. 

Fred enjoys getting outdoors whenever possible and chasing an occasional waterfall on the Appalachian Trail. Recently, he has taken up golf again after several years off. His game might not be pretty, but it's a great way to relax.

Alyssia (Lis) Byers

Alyssia (Lis) Byers

Vice President, Technical Programs and Strategy

Lis brings Canadian-style discipline to the unruly California culture of Recurve.

She joined the Recurve team in 2017 to lead customer success initiatives including onboarding, training, testing and support for existing and new users.

Prior to joining Recurve, Lis held similar roles for several companies, including as VP of Customer Success for 17hats, where she established extensive training and onboarding programs, as well as leading a 24/7/365 customer support team.  

Lis thrives on helping others, a passion she has put to use by teaching computer science students at her local community college.

She graduated first in her class at Humber College, where she studied Computer Engineering.

Phil Ngo

Phil Ngo

Vice President, Engineering

A genuine Renaissance man, there is almost no part of the Recurve business that Phil Ngo hasn't touched (whether he wanted to or not).  

Phil began working with the Recurve team in 2014 and was the chief developer of the open source Python package that would form the basis of the OpenEEmeter. In 2016, he joined the team full-time, where his role grew to include building the Recurve dashboard analytics backend (data warehouse) among other responsibilities.

An advocate of using science for social good, Phil has always looked for opportunities to use his engineering skills to make a difference in the world. Prior to joining Recurve, Phil worked as a developer at the Impact Lab, where he built data products for clients in energy efficiency and nonprofit sectors with large data assets, and at Effortless Energy, where he designed and implemented methods to calculate the energy and monetary savings of residential energy efficiency measures, including smart thermostats and envelope retrofits.

Phil has a degree in Chemistry from Harvard University.

Jesse Fallick

Jesse Fallick

Vice President, Product

Jesse Fallick brings a unique combination of program management, data analytics, and technology product management experience to the Recurve team.

In the first half of his career, Jesse co-founded and led Donnelly Energy, a New Jersey-based energy efficiency firm. While there, he implemented a custom CRM and reporting platform to improve sales tracking, project management and operational transparency. He helped secure over $40M in energy efficiency funding for his customers.

The latter half of Jesse’s career was with Lime Energy (a Willdan company), where he led multiple large technology deployments and analytics initiatives. Following the acquisition of Enerpath, Jesse led the software consolidation and operational integration of two major utility programs.

Later, Jesse established the Business Intelligence group at Lime Energy and oversaw the development of a data warehouse and a platform for real-time reporting and analysis. He also pioneered a novel methodology for SMB customer targeting which leverages machine learning and has been shown to increase closing rates by as much as 20% in some markets.

When he was young, Jesse wanted to be a “space doctor” when he grew up. He considers his current career trajectory to be close enough.

Matt Heimann

Matt Heimann

Vice President, Market Development

After a four year tour of duty in the “special forces” of decarbonization at Siemens Energy (where he worked alongside fellow Siemens veteran Michael Keasey), Matt is excited to see how he can deploy his supply-side experience to Recurve's bottom-up, demand-side approach to energy transition.

Throughout his career, Matt has been driven by a passion for finding economically feasible decarbonization solutions that maintain network reliability. As a student at University of Central Florida, he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering while working at a job where he implemented building automation control systems to optimize for energy efficiency.

Matt started his post-college career in the thermal generation sector but quickly pivoted into renewables. At Siemens, he focused on system supply for utility scale renewable projects (wind, solar, and energy storage) as well as consultation services, including decarbonization roadmapping.

Originally from Florida (Tampa Bay area), Matt grew up near the beach and boating. He now lives in Denver Colorado, where he takes advantage of nearby skiing for 25 to 30 days per season.

Cara Marie

Cara Marie

Vice President of Security & Infrastructure

Cara's commitment to securing digital landscapes and building resilient infrastructure is the heart of her role at Recurve. She combines her extensive experience, professional rigor, and a constant drive for knowledge to bring about measurable progress and positive impact. 

Cara began her career in the field as a Security Consultant for iSEC Partners, a role that laid the foundation of her expertise. Her passion for cybersecurity then propelled her to the position of Research Director at NCC Group, focusing on offensive security research.

Cara later joined Datadog, where she established and led the company's offensive security team while also managing incident response and defensive security. Her work at Datadog laid the groundwork for her next role at Opendoor, where she managed their incident response and offensive security. 

A respected figure within the cybersecurity community, Cara frequently shares her insights at renowned security conferences such as Black Hat, Usenix Enigma, and Derbycon. 

Away from the screens, Cara finds balance and joy in her personal life. Together with her husband, she manages a highland cattle ranch in North Carolina. The delightfully furry cows bring a tranquility that contrasts nicely with the digital battles she fights every day.

Cara continues her study of security, in her free time, although with a new baby in the family, finding quiet moments for research has become a more challenging puzzle.

Dave Yeager

Dave Yeager

Director of Data Infrastructure

The inventor and coiner of Yeagercoin, a "cryptocurrency that has no real intrinsic value and may or may not be valuable in the future (but probably not)" (Urban Dictionary), Yeager is a passionate advocate for peer-to-peer knowledge and distributed resources.

Yeager joined Recurve in September 2016 to support the onboarding of the company’s growing customer base. He currently leads the development of Recurve's data pipeline, where he works closely with clients to develop seamless back-end systems to clean, sort and upload energy data into the Recurve meter platform.

Prior to joining Recurve, Yeager was a Director at BlackRock investment management, where he focused on automation systems for institutional fund clients including approximately a half trillion dollars in order flows per year. His responsibilities also included web design and development for order placement and portfolio analysis products, including the MoneyFund Aggregator transparency project.

He is a graduate of Villanova University.

Anja Trost

Anja Trost

Director of Finance

After earning her Bachelors in Business Administration in Accounting and her Master's in Taxation at Gonzaga University, Anja began her career as a public accountant for Deloitte Tax. She shifted her career to focus on finance, and joined an M&A/Transaction advisory consulting firm as an Associate and later Senior Associate.

She is excited to join Recurve, where she has the opportunity to apply her tax and finance experience to a growing, mission-driven company.

Anja grew up in Seattle, Washington, but now lives three blocks away from the beach in Los Angeles (which she takes advantage of often). She enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending time with the love of her life, an energetic black lab named Rooster.  

Brian Gerke

Brian Gerke

Director of Forecasting and Methods

Brian spent the last decade leading research and policy analysis efforts on energy efficiency and demand response at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He brings a wealth of research insight to the GreenTech space with work including:

  • Impacts analysis and data management efforts for the US Department of Energy's Appliance Standards Program, which sets minimum efficiency standards for residential appliances and commercial equipment
  • Software development projects to gather and organize data on efficient appliances in the US market
  • Two phases of the Demand Response Potential Study for the California Public Utilities Commission, which used customer meter data to forecast detailed future demand response potential in California
  • Translating research code into reusable modeling software

Brian is excited to join the Recurve team to help connect energy efficiency and demand response with the grid value they deliver.

Before his tenure at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, Brian spent about a decade as a research physicist, studying observational cosmology and galaxy evolution at UC Berkeley and Stanford. Brian completed his undergraduate degree at Williams College, his Master's from Cambridge University (UK), and his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys cycling, radio DJing, and light home improvement projects at his residence in Berkeley, where he resides with his wife, son, two cats, and four chickens.

Alex Pollard

Alex Pollard

Director of Customer Solutions

Alex joined Recurve in 2021 to continue working at the leading edge of energy efficiency and make an impact on climate change.

Alex has worked in program and project management for over 20 years in the energy, construction, and real estate fields.

For six years he was the energy efficiency commercial and industrial programs manager at the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. During this time, he worked with utilities and stakeholders on $2+ billion of dollars of utility efficiency program spending. He also oversaw grant programs on high performance buildings and innovative technologies, helped launch a commercial PACE financing program in the state, and was a primary contributor to the first in the world energy regulations on the cannabis industry.

He earned a Masters in Real Estate Development from Arizona State University, and a degree in Communications from Boston University.

Alex is the eastern most United States representative of Recurve, where he works with a cranberry bog outside his window. He is passionate about music, builds trails in the woods, and enjoys spending time with his niece and nephew.

Arpan Kotecha

Arpan Kotecha

Principle Software Engineer

Arpan was attracted to Recurve because of its reputation as visionary company. He is hoping that it won't disappoint him.

Arpan has over 12 years of software development and management experience in the world of finance and trading. Prior to Recurve, he had cofounded his own software and data analytics consulting firm. He loves reading about new technology, productivity hacks, nutrition, and spirituality.

Marisa Ceppi

Marisa Ceppi

Head of Strategic Partnerships

After spending her early career swimming upstream in the automotive industry, Marisa was frustrated with seeing things done "as they always had been done". Always intrigued by alternative energy, she re-channeled her passion for change to the energy industry. Initially cutting her teeth with DSM implementation, Marisa soon found the world of data analytics and energy software.

As an engineer, efficiency speaks to the core of Marisa's DNA. She loves using software and data analytics to make energy efficiency more efficient (pun intended!). She has enjoyed contributing to this amazing, fun, unpredictable, frustrating and exciting energy world.

Originally from the Chicago area, she has been in Denver for almost 15 years. During her free time you'll find Marisa in the Colorado mountains enjoying the great outdoors skiing and mountain biking with her husband, family and friends. As a woman engineer, she is passionate about STEM education and volunteers her time with the Society of Women Engineers, planning an annual event for 1,000 7th grade girls to educate them on careers in STEM.


What our customers say about us

“Recurve will provide NYSERDA, NYS utilities, and the market ongoing transparency into the impacts of energy efficiency implementations within the Business Energy Pro initiative. NYSERDA is very excited about the potential to increase market confidence in energy efficiency investments and test how near-real time performance data can help to improve energy efficiency outcomes, as well as more closely align incentives with savings as they occur.”
"Recurve is enabling the Energy Trust to reduce the cost of evaluation, while providing much more real time and transparent feedback. We can now focus on how evaluation data can be used to improve programs, by automating the time consumption process of data preparation, and number crunching."
"Recurve has automated the historically difficult process of attaining customer usage data, which is enabling both BIG and its contractor partners to qualify customers, track savings, and build solutions that are optimized to both work for the market and homeowners, and that deliver value to the grid and the climate.”
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