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At Recurve, we are dedicated to solving clean energy grid challenges so that we can meet our climate goals and make sure that we can still keep the lights on.

You will be joining an inclusive organization that places a high value on interoperability, transparency, communication, and collaboration - no black boxes. We are a distributed company with team members across the globe and welcome motivated applicants wherever you are.
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We’re Helping To Shape the Future of Energy — Join Us

At Recurve, our mission goes beyond saving energy; it's about aligning energy demand with clean supply through grid-integrated virtual power plants. We envision a future where every building, commercial and residential, actively participates in creating a clean and affordable grid. Our innovative approach leverages the power of data analytics in our open-source SaaS platform, enabling energy professionals globally to transform smart meter data into meaningful change.

You will be a part of a tightly-knit, inclusive organization that places high value on collaboration, transparency and communication. We are a distributed company with team members across the globe and welcome motivated individuals to apply no matter where they may be! Together, we’re building products that have a direct impact in saving our world and the environment!

I've been searching for a climate-focused company that is financially viable, with the potential to have a huge impact. After a long search, I finally found Recurve.
C.J. Tinloy
Chief Financial Officer
Addressing climate change is daunting. Providing people with trustworthy and timely data allows them to become active participants in the change we need to see. I'm all in - Lets Go!
Colin Clark
Director of FLEXmarkets
Recurve seemed different. It seemed mission-driven, it seemed interesting, it seemed like a place that would challenge the team to grow and learn, and it appeared to be a place that had fun doing it.
Alyssia (Lis) Byers
Vice President, Technical Programs and Strategy
Of all the solutions I had heard to make energy efficiency a tangible grid resource, this one was the most compelling … Recurve was going big and I wanted to help make it possible.
Carmen Best
Chief Policy Officer
I stay at Recurve because every day I get to collaborate with a world-class team of experts and innovators to create an impact which is reverberating across our entire industry.
Phil Ngo
Vice President, Engineering

Our Culture of Inclusion

At Recurve, we’ve made it our mission to find talented individuals from all walks of life to join our growing company. As a fully remote and distributed team, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and empowered to succeed.

Our mission and products directly impact the world at large and we’re committed to building a company that is reflective of this. We’re passionate about equitable electrification and believe that by not only acknowledging but celebrating our differences, we will be able to drive the innovation and creativity needed to make real change to our environment.

We deeply value the importance of inclusion and are consistently improving our practices in order to create a workplace where employees feel respected and are able to contribute their best work.

Joining Recurve means being part of a community dedicated to diversity and equality, where your unique contributions help shape a sustainable future.

Core Values

We Work With Purpose

Recurve exists because we are in a climate crisis, and Recurve is a core part of that solution. Delivering on our mission and helping to solve this global crisis is core to every decision we make and why we get up every day.

We Make Our Customers Heroes

We are obsessed with our customers and strive to provide them with the best solutions to be heroes for their organizations and for the industry. We channel our collective brilliance to elevate our customers — every day, every project, every customer. Our customers winning is the best marketing message we can ever have.

We Are All Owners

We take ownership and pride in the quality of our individual and collective work. We are all jointly responsible to ensure every decision we make is successful for Recurve and our customers, and balances short-term needs with long-term goals.

We Are Open

Openness is our default. We create spaces where people feel free to speak, question, listen, and be vulnerable. We lift each other up, as team members and as a company. We are open to considering and using all available resources in order to achieve our goals. We openly contribute our code, ideas, and time for the benefit of all.

Bring YOUR Spark!

We are a people-first organization and cherish everyone’s individuality — your spark. We are committed to building a team, product, and business that is reflective of the diverse world and communities we live in and serve.  We encourage and embrace diversity of experience and thought, as we know it builds the best teams and yields the best results.


Fully Remote Workforce

At Recurve, we are pioneering the future of work with our fully-remote model. Our diverse team spans the United States, bringing together unique perspectives and talents from a variety of locales. This remote-first approach not fosters flexibility and taps into a wide talent pool, ensuring we have the best minds on board.

Health and Wellness

We prioritize the well-being of our team members and their families. Our comprehensive healthcare package covers essential medical, dental, and vision needs. We believe that a healthy team is a happy and productive one, and we're committed to supporting your health journey.

Financial Security & Growth

To secure your financial future, Recurve offers a robust 401(k) plan, allowing you to plan and save for retirement confidently. Additionally, our stock options program presents a unique opportunity for employees to share in our collective success, aligning individual achievements with the company's growth.

Generous Time Off Policies

Recurve provides flexible paid time off, with no upper limit to the number of hours available, in addition to 12 paid company holidays. Our parental leave policy also supports new parents in their crucial early days of family expansion, offering ample time to bond with their new addition without the stress of work.

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