Recurve Named as Darcy Top 10 Innovator in DERs

February 12, 2024

We're excited to announce that Recurve has been named as a Top 10 Innovator in Distributed Energy Resources by Darcy Partners!

Darcy is a leading market intelligence and advisory platform that helps energy producers, utilities, and capital providers to scout, vet, deploy, and invest in innovators across the energy value chain.

For their Top 10 list, Darcy highlights innovators that gained the most attention on the Darcy Connect platform, as measured through views, clicks, likes, follows, funding, and other factors.

Darcy noted Recurve's recent innovations in calculating DR payments, attributing correct customer interventions, data-enabled channel performance management, and customer bill impacts analysis.

We are proud to be in the company of great innovators in the DER space.

See the full list here.

Interested in learning more about how we integrate EE/DR, help with channel management, or enable customer bill impacts analysis? Contact us.

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