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Blog Article - The Recurve Platform Proves its Mettle Modeling Commercial Buildings

CalTRACK 2.0 introduced an hourly model that is similar to LBNL’s open source Time-Of-Week and temperature (TOWT) model (

Blog Article - Metered Efficiency (NMEC) Only Works When It's Open

CalTRACK Methods and OpenEEmeter were developed to solve this problem. The.

Blog Article - CalTRACK 1.0

Specifically, OpenEE is offering a desktop version of the OpenEEmeter, the open source platform that includes a reference implementation of CalTRACK methods.

Blog Article - Updated CalTRACK Supports Commercial Buildings and Hourly Savings

We’ve attempted to solve for some of this implementation variance by providing an open-source implementation of the CalTRACK methods in the OpenEEmeter codebase.

Blog Article - Behind the Meter Demand Flexibility -- Building Virtual Power Plants

In the push for decarbonization, more and more distributed and variable energy sources are coming online.

Blog Article - Open is the Path to Efficiency Innovation

Open Source Promotes Collaboration and Innovation. The OpenEEmeter project is working to be this open source standard.

Blog Article - The Journey from Home Performance Contractor to Energy Data Analytics

When CalTRACK is implemented through open source software such as the open source OpenEEmeter, these methods can be used to support the procurement of energy efficiency, electrification, and other distributed energy resources.

How It Works - CalTRACK Scorecard

CalTRACK Scorecard.

Blog Article - OpenEE is now Recurve!

Over the past five years, Recurve has dedicated itself to creating transparent methods, open source software, and a platform that revolutionizes the way energy efficiency is measured, deployed and procured.

Blog Article - Demand Flexibility: A New Approach to Modernize the Grid

Carmen Best. explain how a smart meter interval data, combined with open source methods and software, can provide transparent measurement of load shape changes (resource curves) and integration of demand flexibility into energy markets.

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