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Blog Article - The Recurve Platform Proves its Mettle Modeling Commercial Buildings

improvements introduced in CalTRACK 2.0 were based on results from testing the CalTRACK 1.0 and OpenEEmeter on monthly data for over 50 million California meters. Open source collaboration where testing results are made transparent also drives significant

Blog Article - Metered Efficiency (NMEC) Only Works When It's Open

regulators, utilities, and stakeholders spent the last seven years developing just such a transparent and standardized open-source system to support metered efficiency, in the CalTRACK Methods and the OpenEEmeter. Everyone can participate in the CalTRACK

Blog Article - Updated CalTRACK Supports Commercial Buildings and Hourly Savings

implementation variance by providing an open-source implementation of the CalTRACK methods in the OpenEEmeter codebase. While the OpenEEmeter is a verified representation of the CalTRACK methods for calculating savings, it is only as good as the data that

Blog Article - Open is the Path to Efficiency Innovation

an open source platform, under an MIT License and without limitations on use, that was originally funded primarily by the California Energy Commission. The OpenEEmeter code leverages the methods developed through the CalTRACK process and includes an ongoing

Blog Article - CalTRACK 1.0

Specifically, OpenEE is offering a desktop version of the OpenEEmeter, the open source platform that includes a reference implementation of CalTRACK methods. With the desktop version of the OpenEEmeter, any analyst who has access to basic energy consumption data will

Blog Article - OpenEE is now Recurve!

revolutionizes the way energy efficiency is measured, deployed and procured. As part of this transition, we have contributed our work on the CalTRACK Methods and the OpenEEmeter open source code base to Linux Foundation Energy (LFE). The Linux Foundation hosts many

How It Works - CalTRACK Scorecard

attests to full CalTRACK compliance for each metered site. The CalTRACK Scorecard is surfaced in the Platform for inspection by users and third parties. In addition to the modeling components included in the OpenEEMeter, the CalTRACK methods also address

Recurve Platform

-Source Revenue-Grade Calculation. Built on pre-defined, transparent and reproducible methods (CalTRACK) and open-source software (the OpenEEmeter), the Recurve platform renders costly black-box approaches to calculating energy savings obsolete. When

Blog Article - Demand Flexibility: A New Approach to Modernize the Grid

currently being administered by leading utilities and other entities around the country, including in California, New York, and Oregon. These P4P programs determine hourly load impacts via open-source CalTRACK methods that are carried out through the OpenEEmeter

Blog Article - The Journey from Home Performance Contractor to Energy Data Analytics

OpenEEmeter, a 100% open source software engine that runs the CalTRACK methods, originally funded by the CEC. In order to function as a standard, the CalTRACK Methods and the OpenEEmeter open source code base must be available to all parties without

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