Bringing Data to Life: Recurve and Eversource Partner on a Path to Greater Customer Savings

March 11, 2021

Eversource has long been a leader in energy efficiency. Its flagship residential program in Connecticut is Home Energy Solutions (HES℠), which Eversource manages as a sponsor of the statewide Energize Connecticut initiative. HES serves both market-rate and income-eligible customers and provides thousands of households with comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades each year. 

Partnering with Recurve, Eversource put data to use to chart a clear path toward enhanced cost-effectiveness and improved services for its Connecticut customers.

Recurve's analysis of Home Energy Solutions’ historical performance found that consumers with the capacity to achieve higher bill savings could be identified ahead of time to drive much greater cost-effective results than the average customer.

In simple terms, homeowners in the top one-third of energy use delivered nearly two-thirds of the program’s savings.

This story is told in the animation below. 

The top graph builds the program from lowest to highest consumers as the bottom plot shows the metered savings achieved at each step. As the story unfolds, the animation illustrates how the portfolio results would improve if focused on the top third of consumers (red). Within this group, average savings are 91% higher than the program average. 

Instead of treating all potential customers in the same way by designing marketing and offerings based on average outcomes, Eversource can now deliver much more significant savings by directing customers to the most appropriate solutions for their circumstances. Identifying those customers who stand to benefit most from energy efficiency programs is the essential first step to ensure that positive outcomes are delivered to customers and that utility programs are cost-effective and can scale.

With more than 1.1 million residential electric customers in Connecticut, Eversource has a vast opportunity to provide cost-effective savings by focusing program recruitment on customers with high and inefficient heating and cooling loads. Recurve is now helping Eversource find these customers most in need and best able to drive cost-effective savings across the broader customer base. 

Thanks to Eversource for an innovative partnership and for putting data to use to serve customers best.  

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