How to Get Started With California Market Access: Earn Money This Summer Through Peak Shifting and Saving Energy

January 26, 2022

Are you a business that has the ability to help your customers shift their load out of summer peak? 

Are you working with buildings to reduce load with measures that deliver summer peak reductions?

California is forecasting a 4,400 MW Summer Peak shortfall in 2022, and shifting or reducing load between 4pm and 9pm is worth more than ever. You know what they say about crisis and opportunity -- you and your customers can be part of the solution and make money in the process.

In this presentation, Recurve CEO Matt Golden and Strategic Partnerships Manager Randy Roy explain why the program was created, how it works, and why and how your business should get started right away.

Introduction: California’s Grid Emergency

California’s grid is facing a peak energy crisis. In this clip, we explain how the Market Access Program was created to address this crisis and why it provides such a lucrative opportunity for aggregators (efficiency and demand response providers). 

The CPUC’s $150M Market Access Decision

A brief overview of the CPUC’s decision to allocate $150 million to scale up an electric-focused peak reduction market access program. 

How Market Access Works and the Importance of Targeting

  • How Market Access works.
  • How targeting can dramatically increase value. 
  • HVAC example: how finding customers who use the most during the peak can make an installation program two to three times more valuable. 
  • How not getting stuck with “average” results provides a tremendous opportunity to drive significantly higher margins by selecting for the customers and technologies that deliver the most valuable outcomes.

Shifting Loads Is More Valuable Than Ever

Opportunities for thermal storage, thermostat control, rescheduling, battery storage, behavior programs, and other load-shifting interventions have never been greater. 

The Huge Value of Energy Efficiency in Market Access

  • How Market Access values traditional efficiency differently.
  • Examples of how traditional efficiency is far more valuable and lucrative under Market Access.

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