How Seinergy Is Greening Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Through the MCE FLEXmarket

July 14, 2021

Are the climate impacts of growing weed harshing your buzz?

With the launch of the Peak FLEXmarket by MCE, Seinergy is excited to deliver peak solutions to MCE customers so your high doesn’t come down. 

The Peak FLEXmarket is designed to allow MCE to respond to this summer peak events and reduce their reliance on costly and dirty peak power. Seinergy's participation is yet another example of how the FLEXmarket is transcending traditional programs and drawing a diverse range of creative and innovative approaches to greening the grid with its technology and business-model agnostic approach.

The Peak FLEXmarket offers streamlined enrollment into two participation pathways to maximize the value aggregators’ customers can generate and mitigates potential barriers of double-counting and value stacking. Paid based on the value generated by their portfolio, aggregators also bear no risk of negative impacts during this summer pilot. Already this approach has attracted a number of innovative business models.

Indoor Growing Uses a Lot of Energy

Seinergy is a demand response and energy efficiency company that works with indoor cannabis growers to retrofit their facilities and deliver significant energy savings. Realizing the potential value for their customers in the Peak FLEXmarket, Seinergy created a new offering to support their customers and reduce energy use during peak periods. 

Indoor agriculture requires an immense amount of energy, and cannabis cultivation is one of the most energy-intensive industries -- and the business is blooming. 

Seinergy works across the United States and in Canada to create virtual power plants by giving growers rebates for saving energy. The company has saved 134-million annual kWh so far – the equivalent of adding solar to 39,000 homes.

Seinergy's program for MCE cannabis growers offers incentives to shift their loads away from the peak hours of 4-9 pm -- the hours in which generation is most carbon-intensive and when demand is most likely to contribute to blackouts. 

"We're very excited to be participating in MCE's new Peak FLEXmarket,” says Seinergy founder Bob Gunn.  “Most growers are deeply concerned about climate change. By joining this initiative, they can reduce peak loads, help replace dirty power plants, and potentially even prevent rolling blackouts -- while lowering their rates."

Stay tuned for profiles of other innovative companies working with the Demand FLEXmarket to decarbonize and save the grid! 

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