How to Integrate Behind the Meter Flexibility Into Capacity Markets

June 18, 2019

On June 17th, Matt Golden, Recurve’s CEO, presented at the 2019 IESO Summit on the Electricity Marketplace of the Future on June 17th in Toronto.

Presenting based on real-world experience, Matt discussed how energy efficiency can function as a flexible resource to reduce capacity costs, avoid transmission and distribution investments, and drive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, by leveraging markets through competitive procurements that pay for performance and drive innovation and private investment. This is particularly exciting as the IESO in Ontario is specifically interested in how to begin treating energy efficiency, demand response, and other behind the meter demand flexibility solutions as a form of capacity and energy. Watch the full presentation below.

Electricity Marketplace of the Future: A Presentation by Recurve CEO Matt Golden at the 2019 IESO Electricity Summit

The Secret Plan for Decarbonization: How Demand Flexibility Can Save Our Grid

Read our Electricity Journal article to learn how behind the meter flexibility can work as a true grid and climate resource.

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