Pay-for-Performance Market Provides Flexible Solutions and Unlocks Capital to Scale Efficiency in Westchester County, New York

December 4, 2020

JouleSmart, an infrastructure-as-a-service provider focusing on comprehensive smart building upgrades, is now up and running, providing energy efficiency services to Small and Medium businesses in Westchester County in New York. 

This program is part of Con Edison and NYSERDA’s Business Energy Pro commercial pay-for-performance efficiency program which is powered by the Recurve Demand Flexibility Platform. 

Compensating EE for delivered results brings it into the digital age, increasing value to both customer and grid. This is a game-changer — properly placing EE as a measured resource among other DERs.

- Maria Fields, Co-Founder and SVP Business Development

Business Energy Pro focuses on efficiency services to small- and medium-sized businesses in Staten Island and Westchester County, with a special emphasis on innovative solutions that aggressively target natural gas consumption. Unlike traditional measure-centered efficiency programs, Business Energy Pro is designed to compensate providers over time for measured energy savings from large portfolios of projects.

Taking this market-based approach unlocks private capital and allows service providers more flexible and comprehensive solutions to reduce energy use and meet customer needs.

Recurve is pleased to be providing our Demand Flexibility Platform as the backbone of this innovative program. 

Recurve’s Resource Planner enables NYSERDA and Con Edison to identify those customers for JouleSmart that are most in need of their services. Once a retrofit has been undertaken, the Recurve Fleet Manager tracks the savings for each site (both at a site level and combined with a comparison group to manage the effects of COVID on demand). Finally, the Recurve Flex Ledger provides a revenue-grade (auditable) accounting of savings and value so that parties such as JouleSmart can get paid, and NYSERDA and Con Edison can confidently report results.

JouleSmart looks forward to working with New York’s small and medium businesses. Click here if you are interested in learning more. 

To learn more about how the Recurve platform can enable pay-for-performance in your area, contact us.

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