MCE “Market Access” FLEXmarket Is Live!

April 19, 2022

Community choice aggregator MCE has rolled out the first “Market Access” FLEXmarket program focused on summer peak energy reductions in California.

The program is open for residential and commercial projects, focusing on summer peak energy reductions, and is open for business. This represents a major expansion of the MCE FLEXmarket and makes the program the first to include residential customers.

As directed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in response to Governor Newsom’s Summer Reliability Emergency Proclamation, “Market Access” is a statewide demand-side initiative that aims to increase summer grid resilience by reducing and shifting energy at peak times. “Market Access” is based on the groundbreaking work developed by MCE and Recurve but enhanced to deliver greater peak savings by paying substantially more for reductions in the summer during the 4-9 PM peak period.

The program is also enhanced by adopting a new cost-effectiveness approach that does not penalize providers for their investments in projects, paying instead for the total system benefits (TSB) delivered to the grid, net of administrative costs only.

Building on Market Innovation

Last year, MCE was the first load-serving entity (LSE) to adopt the market access approach with its commercial Demand and Peak FLEXmarkets. These markets provided proof of concept that a performance-based market could cut red tape dramatically while drawing in a broad range of innovative technologies and business models to reduce loads away from peak times when electricity generation is dirtiest, and supply is stretched.  

By aligning its program to the new CPUC rules, MCE now officially becomes the first of a new wave of FLEXmarket Market Access Programs to be rolled out in the coming months. The program is also the first Residential FLEXmarket program.,%20Inc./randy/165633:09c674b7-4ecf-43e2-9259-786c58919e89

In addition to helping the state decarbonize and fix its looming grid crisis, the FLEXmarket approach encourages market innovation, supports local jobs, and helps customers reduce energy costs while improving building comfort, air quality, and resiliency.

Does your company reduce or shift load in buildings? California's new Market Access Programs (MAPs) pay for summer peak savings, making load shifting more valuable and lucrative. Chillers, HVAC, air conditioning, demand response — you name it — your business model is up to you. 

Set up a call with one of our Strategic Partnership Managers and see how easy it is to get enrolled, start submitting projects, and get paid. Learn how you can earn more and grow your business while helping to save the California grid. 

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