Open Source is the Future of Energy: LF Energy Webinar Series

May 29, 2019

Who should watch: Anyone who is interested in learning more about how open source standards, platforms and code bases will form the backbone of the clean energy revolution.

Recurve is thrilled to announce that LF Energy is now hosting our open source projects, the OpenEEmeter and EM2. As part of this transition, Recurve Chief Technology Officer McGee Young and Director of Engineering Phil Ngo  hosted two online presentations as part of the  LF Energy June webinar series.

In these webinars, Phil and McGee  discussed how open source methods and metering are laying the groundwork for energy efficiency to become a procurable, time- and location-sensitive distributed energy resource.

Using OpenEEmeter, private companies, utilities, and regulators can consistently calculate changes in energy consumption for building efficiency projects and portfolios with confidence in the methods and replicability of results.

Energy Market Methods Consortium (EM2) is developing standardized methods, linked to open source code, to enable demand flexibility as a resource, supporting energy programs and distributed energy resource (DER) ​markets. It is made up of industry stakeholders committed to collaboration to reduce the costs of scaling demand-side energy programs and procurements.

Linux Foundation Energy (LF Energy) is a new umbrella organization designed to foster open, unified, interoperable frameworks and reference architectures that are compatible and support the entire power system ecosystem from generation and aggregation, to transmission, distribution, and demand reduction and flexibility.

This seven webinar series offers an introduction to the initiative and its mission, as well as to all six initial technical projects under its umbrella.  

For more information see the LF Energy website. If you couldn't make the live events, be sure to check out the LF Energy videos page for a replay.

To find out more about how the OpenEEmeter and EM2 Methods are turning energy efficiency, demand flexibility and other behind-the-meter solutions into procurable resources, contact Recurve.

Learn how Open Source creates transparent weights and measures

Performance-based demand flexibility requires standardized and transparent weights and measures. Learn how open source methods and software can turn meter data into a true grid resource.

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