Recurve Final Presentation: Methods and Open-Source Code to Enable M&V in the era of COVID

October 21, 2020

Six months ago, with support from the Department of Energy and help from MCE and other partners, Recurve initiated a working group to develop new open source Measurement and Verification (M&V) tools for an era in which energy consumption is defined by uncertainty. 

In this webinar, Recurve CTO McGee Young walks viewers through the development of this critical new tool and explains how the methods and code utilizes comparison groups to successfully account for massive exogenous energy consumption events such as COVID-19.


These methods and open-source code was developed based upon funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, through the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Recurve would also like to thank MCE for supporting this project by providing secure access to data. ​

Finally, Recurve thanks the members of the Comparison Groups Working Group, who devoted their time and effort to listening, reviewing, and providing feedback throughout the research and development of the methods and recommendations in this report. 

Learn how Open Source creates transparent weights and measures

Performance-based demand flexibility requires standardized and transparent weights and measures. Learn how open source methods and software can turn meter data into a true grid resource.

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