Helping Small Business Customers Most Affected by COVID (Short Video)

October 5, 2020

Small businesses are experiencing challenges during this COVID crisis. While many have seen their usage drop, others have had their bills increase as they struggle to serve their communities.

Recurve is working with Ameren Illinois to identify and help the small businesses in disadvantaged communities that have been hardest hit by COVID to provide services that can lower their energy bills during this crisis. 

Recurve was pleased to partner with both Ameren and  Incubatenergy® Labs to demonstrate the power of smart meter data combined with powerful analytics, to serve Ameren’s customers during this crisis.

Recurve first cleaned, normalized, and processed all of Ameren Illinois’ small and medium business customer AMI data, analyzing each customer to understand how these customers used energy and identify those who would benefit the most from Ameren’s small and medium business program offerings.

Find out more about how Recurve was able to go from raw data to actionable insights in a month flat. Join the Recurve and Ameren teams to discuss this project and how it is being operationalized to support Ameren’s Small Business Program going forward, at the “Incubatenergy® Labs and Ameren Accelerator Demo Day 2020.”

The Secret Plan for Decarbonization: How Demand Flexibility Can Save Our Grid

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