VIDEO: Meter-based Energy Efficiency, a Regulator’s Best Friend

July 29, 2020

As many parents know, the feedback of end-of-term report cards often comes too late for students to correct course and get help in subjects they need to improve on. However, as schools have adapted to distance learning, many have implemented systems that communicate progress with students in real-time, allowing everyone to adjust and make changes as they go.

In the same way, energy efficiency program regulators usually only find out how a program did after the end of a cycle--sometimes years after--at which point it's too late to change course. Implementing best practices for meter-based efficiency, by contrast, provides near real-time results based on transparent, reproducible methods and software and opens a pathway to scale efficiency as a real grid resource - not just a compliance exercise.

In this webinar hosted by the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners (NARUC), Carmen Best, Director of Policy & Emerging Markets for Recurve, and formerly EM&V lead at the CPUC, explains how an interactive report card can transform and scale efficiency and demand flexibility.

Watch the full NARUC webinar here.

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