Webinar: How Energy Service Companies Can Earn More with FLEXmarket

April 28, 2022

In this webinar and Q&A,  National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) President Donald Gilligan and Executive Director Timothy Unruh talk to Recurve CEO Matt Golden about how FLEXmarkets can create new cash flows for ESCOs for the kinds of services they are already providing.

Do you want to make more money by reducing and shifting load? Schedule a call with one of our specialists and we'll walk you through how to get started with FLEXmarket.

FLEXmarket helps Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) get paid more for reducing and shifting loads. Providers are paid for the total value they deliver to the grid, with a significant bonus for savings during peak hours.

Because ESCOs provide a comprehensive range of integrated energy services to maximize energy savings and guarantee these savings by contract, they are ideally positioned to utilize the performance-based FLEXmarket approach.

Schedule a call with one of our specialists to get started.

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