Webinar: Using Advanced Targeting to Ensure that Electrification is Equitable

September 22, 2022

Download the presentation here.

California is aggressively pushing to electrify its building stock. While this effort represents an essential step for meeting the state’s decarbonization goals, rapid electrification also poses short- and long-term financial risks for historically marginalized communities. 

Join Recurve’s Mia Oppelstrup for a webinar to better understand these risks and how using meter-based targeting can help ensure equity-focused electrification incentives reach those customers most likely to see significant energy and bill savings.  

In her presentation, Mia will lay out research from Recurve, Ardenna Energy, Energy Solutions, and East Bay Community Energy presented at the ACEEE 2022 Summer Study showing how electrification policy could increase energy bills for tens of thousands of low-income households if poorly suited customers are actively recruited to participate. 

Conversely, Mia will demonstrate how meter-based targeting can isolate specific categories of customers who are much more likely to benefit. 

Q&A after the session.

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