Channel Performance Management

Reduced program costs with improved results through data-enabled operations, management, and quality assurance for trade allies, contractors, implementers, and aggregators.

Key Benefits

  • Improve Decision-Making – Data-driven insights allow for improved channel management with full visibility
  • Reduce Costs – Optimized QA activities and reduced administrative costs
  • Improve Program Performance – Capability to focus on top-performing contractors for overall improved program results
  • Enable Continuous Contractor Excellence and Improvement – Enable contractors who do quality work to flourish while providing feedback to others to enhance their quality

If you are not measuring, how are you managing?

  • Increased Operational Costs - Blind QA results in high program and contractor costs. How do you know where to look?
  • Inconsistent Performance - There are likely vast differences between top and bottom performers. Do you know which is which?
  • Low Realization Rates and Poor Cost-effectiveness - Low performers are bringing down realization rates and the cost-effectiveness of your program. Are your low performers bringing your program down?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. 

Historically the actual performance of demand-side programs has been a lagging indicator, often not available until EM&V, and even then, it typically lacks the granularity needed to support management and implementation.

Managing the quality of efficiency and demand flexibility providers, without measurement or a real-time feedback loop results in poorly targeted QA efforts that treat all providers the same, resulting in low hit rates and high transaction costs for all parties.

Recurve’s Channel Performance Management solution enables programs and aggregators to manage implementation channels in near-real-time. It is now possible to identify high and low-performing contractors and even crews to focus quality assurance where it counts the most, provide training where needed, and reward high performers with lower transaction costs or other benefits.

Channel Performance Management creates the feedback loop necessary to create a culture of continuous improvement while increasing the effectiveness of quality assurance while reducing program costs and transaction costs for high-performing contractors
and channels.

Key Features

  • Advanced, Real-Time, and Automated Program Data Feeds. Track the performance of contractors, crews, and projects to reward high performance and focus on QA, training, operations, and maintenance where necessary.
  • Optimized Quality Assurance. Improve results by risk-ranking contractors and projects using performance and outlier detection to focus QA where it counts. Reduce friction for well-performing contractors.
  • Contractor Performance Report. Benchmark contractor performance against peers. Allow top performers to differentiate in the market.
  • Intelligent Lead Flow System. Direct more leads toward top-performing contractors and improve cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Recurve's Channel Performance Management solution leverages the latest capabilities of our Fleet Manager product to overcome these challenges by giving utilities and program managers a comprehensive view into how channels and even crews are performing. 

Channel Performance Management provides actionable insights into the performance of your delivery channels, enabling utilities and aggregators to make informed, data-driven decisions. Whether it's about streamlining QA processes, identifying top-performing contractors, or ensuring transparency in channel performance, Channel Performance Management serves as a beacon of clarity in a complex ecosystem.

You cannot effectively manage what you don't measure. Recurve's Channel Performance Management solution empowers utilities and aggregators with the tools to achieve data-driven channel management, optimized QA, efficient lead flow, and transparent contractor performance, leading to lower transaction and admin costs and better stakeholder outcomes.

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