DERMS Integration Platform

Empowering Your DERMS Strategy with Revenue-Grade Real-Time Settlement, Optimization, and Integration Into Procurement and System Planning.

Key Benefits

  • Real-Time Feedback. Analyze the granular performance and impact of DERMS software on different building types, end uses, and sectors of the economy in real time. 
  • Optimized Dispatch. Integrated metered performance and dispatch data from a wide variety of dispatchable DERs gives utilities and providers a detailed understanding of how each resource performs and interacts within the energy system.
  • Revenue Grade Settlement. Capturing the metered value of DERMS allows utilities to pay for real impacts, not just deemed results or actions. 

DERMS Measurement Challenges

A holistic approach is needed to assess energy savings accurately and manage devices' impact on the grid.

  • Cannot Produce Settlement Quality Measurements. DERMS control devices but don’t provide a revenue-grade solution for measuring and forecasting results.
  • Simply turning off a device doesn't automatically translate into savings. Accurate measurement and forecasting require comparing current usage with a baseline — how much energy would have been used if the DERMS system hadn't been installed. 
  • Collecting energy use data from different devices is costly, complicated, and time consuming. Different types of devices and even different brands within a type operate differently, require bespoke rules for how their data is interpreted and used in calculations.

Using utility AMI data, advanced analytics, and CAISO-approved measurements, Recurve’s DERMS Integration Platform measures impacts across systems, revolutionizing how they operate. 

There are increasing numbers of Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERMS) systems in the market. These systems are deployed either centrally by utilities or implemented by companies to control their devices. 

Utilities need confidence that distributed resources operate as intended and deliver measurable and forecastable impacts without relying on hard-to-verify custom data sources, bespoke measurement approaches, or results from an interested party.

Recurve’s DERMS Solution

Building on Recurve's established platform and open-source and CAISO tariff-approved methods, the DERMS Integration Platform uses smart meter data and metadata collected from the DERMS platform to measure the value of event-based dispatch and long-term load flexibility. This precise, revenue-grade measurement allows utilities to optimize solutions, maximize event response, target customers with the most significant impact, and integrate their DERMS virtual power plants into procurement or energy markets. 

  • Baselining Energy Usage. Advanced baselining allows organizations to capture a detailed snapshot of their energy usage under different conditions. This includes peak times, off-peak times, and during various operational scenarios. With this information, organizations can make informed decisions about how their assets are performing and how to optimize them better.
  • Creating Better Forecasts. Machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics analyze historical data and current trends to predict future energy requirements, better manage their assets, avoid missed opportunities, and improve efficiency. Whether deciding when to store energy, when to distribute it, or how to balance supply and demand, these forecasts can play a crucial role in optimizing DERMS operations.
  • Pay for Performance Markets. The Recurve DERMS Integration platform can measure, manage, and forecast utility-controlled DERMS and pay-for-performance platforms where utilities send price signals and aggregators with DERMS in the market respond.

As a back-end solution for DERMS platforms, the Recurve DERMS Integration provides robust, independent, verifiable measurement to give utilities everything they need to ensure that platforms are optimized and delivering value to the grid. With revenue-grade results, utilities can align incentives, implement pay-for-performance models, and fully integrate DERMS into demand forecasts, procurement stacks, and energy markets. 

Combining Recurve’s DERMS Integration with your DERMS platform provides a complete solution that enables utilities to control and fully maximize their DER strategies. In a dynamic energy market, Recurve's DERMS Integrator is the third-party tool every utility and DERMS platform needs to verify trust, ensure accuracy, and enable virtual power plants to integrate into procurement and energy markets on par with supply-side assets.

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