RATEmeter measures the impacts of TOU and RTP rates on customer’s hourly demand. Design rates that work to optimize the best rate for each customer, forecast impacts on the grid, and correctly attribute impacts from rates and demand-side programs.

Key Benefits

  • Optimized Customer Targeting - Data-driven insights empower utilities to determine the best rate for each customer and transition them into beneficial rate plans, harmonizing customer satisfaction with grid efficiency.
  • Rate Change Effectiveness - Dive deep capabilities into the direct effects of rate modifications on customer energy usage, their financial impacts, and the consequential grid dynamics.
  • Forecast Rate Impacts - Knowing how specific rates affect demand allows utilities to forecast how those rates will affect future customers.  
  • Precise Savings Attribution - With the capability to measure and differentiate the discrete impacts of RTP and TOU, utilities can rightly attribute EE and DR savings and prevent double counting.
  • Harmonizing Retail Rates with Virtual Power Plants and Demand-Side Programs - RATEmeter facilitates a streamlined blending of retail and wholesale signals, fostering a unified and efficient energy ecosystem that benefits utilities, aggregators, and end-users.


Utilities Need a Way to Measure and Forecast Rate Impacts - Utilities lack clear and confident visibility into how customer usage has changed in response to TOU or RTP rates.

Low Engagement - 71% of customers are not aware they have some choice among rate plans, according to a recent SECC survey and report. Utilities risk missing important opportunities to engage customers on beneficial rate changes without data-driven insights.

Double Counting - Without isolating and measuring the impact of TOU and RTP on consumption, utilities may mistakenly attribute the effect of rates to demand-side management programs. 

Recurve's RATEmeter solution provides the analytical power to accurately measure the grid impacts of rates and draw the insights needed for clear decision-making to best serve customers and the bottom line.

By measuring the nuanced impact of TOU, RTP, and other rate structures on energy consumption, RATEmeter allows utilities to forecast the impact of rates, determine the best rate for each customer, and differentiate rate-based impacts from demand-side programs to avoid double counting.

Recurve's RATEmeter is a practical solution for utilities to analyze the impacts of TOU and RTP retail rates on energy use. This analysis helps utilities differentiate these effects from demand-side management programs and ensure that rates work effectively to improve grid impacts and help customers. 

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