Virtual Power Plants Reliable Energy Resources

Recurve's FLEXmarket Virtual Power Plants enable utilities to confidently integrate behind-the-meter distributed energy resources that are as predictable, firm, and reliable as traditional supply resources.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable and predictable. Properly measured and designed, portfolios of behind-the-meter resources are as reliable and predictable as traditional supply-side resources.
  • No dispatch and control required. FLEXmarket virtual power plants work through price signals, which removes the requirement for direct control. 
  • Shovel ready. FLEXmarket Virtual Power Plants can be deployed and scaled extremely quickly. 
  • Flexible market design. FLEXmarket virtual power plants can either be integrated into capacity markets or be used as a demand-side hedge to avoid market exposure. Advanced methods ensure that resources are not double-counted.
  • Consumer benefits. Behind-the-meter virtual power plants are the only energy resources that create non-energy and equity benefits for customers, such as lower energy bills or more comfortable and healthy homes.

Features of Recurve's VPP Solution

  • Proven methods of cost minimization and transparency. Open source, transparent methods and code enable extremely accurate measurement and forecasting. The methods were developed in partnership with the Department of Energy and have been approved by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) as a tariff-compliant option that can be used to settle ISO market dispatches.
  • Integrated Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Response (DR). Combined open-source site-level models and automated comparison groups provide revenue-grade Measurement and Verification (M&V) for both long-term energy efficiency and demand response events for seamless operation and integration of diverse energy resources within VPPs to act as energy and capacity resources.
  • Market-based, technology agnostic. Deployed through a FLEXmarket, Recurve's VPP solution pays providers and aggregators for the value they deliver to the grid. Results are driven by a price signal optimized for the utility's customer, climate, grid, or other goals. This means that a wide variety of technologies and business models can participate.

Because they work through price signals in open markets, FLEXmarket Virtual Power Plants capture the full value of a wide range of behind-the-meter demand-side resources, from insulation to electric vehicle charging and everything in between. The resulting portfolios of resources offer the same ultimate products as conventional energy supply.

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