Drive greater levels of savings, more valuable cash flows, and increase customer satisfaction by using data to track  performance. Use performance data to see what actually works, in real-time.
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You can’t improve your performance and produce better results for your customers, utility partners or the grid if you can’t see what actually works.

Optimize Solution


Stop flying blind. Track your performance and see your results in real-time to better manage your business or program. Improve results, increase customer satisfaction and capture greater market share.  

Increase savings by targeting customers who are most likely to save.

Focus your quality assurance effort where it will have the greatest impact.

Provide your channels with performance feedback to help them improve.

Encourage the best results by tracking Key Performance Indicators.

Metered Telemetry

Track all your channels to see how your programs, contractors, and/or customers are performing in real-time.

Channel Management

Produce better outcomes by sending more leads to those doing better than expected and doing more quality assurance on those underperforming.

Target Customers  

Increase savings, save time and money by determining beforehand which customers have the highest potential to save.


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