Improve performance through customer targeting and data driven business and program models.  Align incentives, reduce ratepayer risk and encourage market innovation.
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Energy Efficiency has a history of low realization rates, and is struggling with cost effectiveness.

Rebate programs misalign incentives resulting in the need for regulations that have the unintended consequence of discouraging investment and creating barriers to innovation.

Monthly average savings no longer align with grid and climate solutions that require time and location specific solutions.

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Align performance risk through the market by paying for performance markets based on transparent metering of impacts. Enable market innovation, while reducing administrative costs and rate payer performance risk.

Pay for metered monthly or hourly impacts when they happen, rather than deemed estimate or models in advance.

Pay for actual outcomes, monthly or hourly. Instead of deemed or custom rebate.

Send time and locational price signal into the market that makes delivering grid and climate benefits the smart and profitable choice.

Measure demand flexibility based on location and monthly, daily, and hourly impacts.

Payable Results

Track and forecast the value of your portfolio for financing, and for Utilities making payments to Aggregators.  

Avoided Costs

Value demand change based on it’s actual avoided cost. Including T&D, energy, carbon and capacity.

Carbon Accounting

Greenhouse gases vary dramatically by time and location. Track actual carbon reductions based on marginal carbon intensity and change in demand on an hourly and locational basis.

Resource Curve

Measure the impact on time and location and make it functional like a resource.


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