Have confidence in measured efficiency based on industry leading open source calculations and site level comparison groups. With transparency and in real-time.
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Waiting years for an impact evaluation to track performance increases your regulatory risk and reduces operational success.

Quantify Solution


No black boxes. Smartmeter powered open source measurement and verification. Transparent, accurate, and real-time.

Automate EM&V
through comparison groups.

Provide stakeholders
with real-time feedback on performance.

Measure monthly,
daily, and hourly impacts

Metered Telemetry

Track performance from projects to channels to programs and portfolios, as it happens.

Resource Curve

Calculate the time and locational impact of flexibility, like every other DER.

Avoided Costs

Calculate the full value stack of hourly flexibility including capacity, energy, transmission and distribution, and carbon.

Carbon Accounting

Carbon varies dramatically by time and location. Our carbon accounting uses marginal hourly carbon values and hourly resource curves.


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