40th Utility Energy Forum Keynote: The Unified Field Theory of Demand Flexibility

August 13, 2021

40th Utility Energy Forum
August 18-20, 2021
Cambria Pines Lodge
Cambria, CA

Opening Keynote: Matt Golden, Chief Executive Officer of Recurve
Wednesday, August  18th
1:15 - 2:15 pm

Who is it for?

Utility and energy service professionals


Join Recurve CEO Matt Golden and other energy services professionals representing energy utilities and allies serving Western states to learn how the industry is responding to the ever-changing policy landscape by developing and implementing innovative efficiency, renewable energy and other customer services. 

In his keynote address, Matt will discuss how CCAs and Utilities are creating a market for energy efficiency and demand response in order to shift loads during peak periods and hedge against price uncertainty. The FLEXmarket leverages advanced revenue-grade open-source analytics to provide robust baselines to measure and pay a growing network of flexibility aggregators for their virtual power plants' grid impacts. Rather than picking technologies or vendors, the FLEXmarket breaks down barriers to encourage broad market access and a focus on outcomes rather than measures or business models.


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