Jesse Fallick Joins Recurve as a Senior Product Manager

July 15, 2021

Welcome Jesse!

Jesse Fallick brings a unique combination of program management, data analytics, and technology product management experience to the Recurve team.

In the first half of his career, Jesse co-founded and led Donnelly Energy, a New Jersey-based energy efficiency firm. While there, he implemented a custom CRM and reporting platform to improve sales tracking, project management and operational transparency. He helped secure over $40M in energy efficiency funding for his customers.

The latter half of Jesse’s career was with Lime Energy (a Willdan company), where he led multiple large technology deployments and analytics initiatives. Following the acquisition of Enerpath, Jesse led the software consolidation and operational integration of two major utility programs.

Later, Jesse established the Business Intelligence group at Lime Energy and oversaw the development of a data warehouse and a platform for real-time reporting and analysis. He also pioneered a novel methodology for SMB customer targeting which leverages machine learning and has been shown to increase closing rates by as much as 20 percent in some markets.

When he was young, Jesse wanted to be a “space doctor” when he grew up. He considers his current career trajectory to be close enough.

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