Modernizing Cost-Effectiveness for Scalable Demand Flexibility

September 14, 2020

AESP Webinar
Thursday, September 24, 2020
1:00 PM ET


Jake Millette, Associate Director of Research & Evaluation, Michaels Energy


Adam Scheer, Director of Customer Solutions, Recurve
Shawn White, Manager, DSM Regulatory Strategy & Planning, Xcel Energy
Tom Hines, Principal, Tierra Resource Consulting
Kerri Carnes, Manager, Customer to Grid Solutions, APS

Who is it for?
Program administrators, regulators and policymakers. 

Cost Effectiveness has become the most important factor in the design and deployment of distributed energy resources. California recently made wholesale changes to the way cost-effectiveness benefits are calculated by switching to battery storage as the marginal unit of energy. 

However, long standing challenges remain, including policies from previous generations and antiquated tools that are out of reach for all but a few subject matter experts. Join Adam and the AESP panel to find out what all of this means and what you can do to usher forward a modern approach to cost-effectiveness that can facilitate more holistic and scalable demand flexibility.

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