Recurve is Excited to Welcome Joe Glass as a Software Engineer!

November 23, 2020

Recurve is excited to welcome Joe Glass as a Software Engineer. 

Joe joined Recurve late in the longest year in recorded history (2020). He believes that we must electrify everything as quickly as possible to avert the worst impacts of climate change and ensure that we all have better years to come.

Prior to joining Recurve, Joe worked at Lime Energy as a data scientist, where he gained valuable insight into the world of energy efficiency implementation. He has also worked as a demand response researcher at Lawrence Berkeley Lab and is looking forward to applying this research to real-world projects at Recurve.

He will be working with the Analytics and Modeling team to build and bring new offerings to customers to accelerate grid decarbonization.

When not paralyzed by existential dread, Joe enjoys surfing, hiking, and building things.

Connect with Joe on LinkedIn.

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