Recurve is Excited to Welcome JP Tucci as a Software Engineer!

November 12, 2020

Recurve is excited to welcome JP Tucci as a Software Engineer.  JP will be working with the Product and Platform team.

Essentially a fish at heart, JP spent his undergraduate program at SUNY ESF focused on aquatic science and assisting with wetland restoration projects. Upon graduating, he worked for the US Geological Survey, where he tackled problems ranging from residential well water contamination to methyl-mercury in Brook Trout.

Pivoting to entrepreneurship but continuing his obsession with fish, JP opened an environmentally conscious restaurant in upstate New York that focused on sustainable seafood. After two years, his batteries were fully drained from the burnout of the restaurant industry and teaching himself to code. He now looks forward to his new role in the energy sector.

Connect with JP on LinkedIn.

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