Recurve is Thrilled to Welcome Claire Hu as Policy Intern!

June 15, 2021

Claire is an incoming sophomore at Cornell University, where she is studying Environment and Sustainability and Information Science. Claire's summer internship project with Recurve is focused on the integration of regulatory cost-effectiveness analysis with business strategy and market development of demand flexibility.  Claire is also part of the Ithaca 2030 Carbon Neutrality Team whose research included some of the local programs Recurve has supported.

Prior to college, Claire helped design better environmental education programs, which were essentially nonexistent in her local school district and in the Midwest. The lessons used VR headsets or AR to engage elementary/ middle school students.

She is excited to be working with Recurve and hopes that by the end of the program, she’ll be less intimidated by terms like “Normalized Meter Energy Consumption.”

Currently living in Cincinnati, Claire loves to draw, get overly competitive when playing card games, and go to fitness classes with friends.

Claire is interning through the EDICT program. EDICT provides internship opportunities in the clean energy and climate tech sector to drive diversity across the clean energy ecosystem.

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