Recurve Welcomes Brian Gerke as Director of Forecasting and Methods

January 25, 2023

Recurve is pleased to welcome Brian Gerke as Director of Forecasting and Methods. Brian spent the last decade leading research and policy analysis efforts on energy efficiency and demand response at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He brings a wealth of research insight to the GreenTech space with work including:

  • Impacts analysis and data management efforts for the US Department of Energy's Appliance Standards Program, which sets minimum efficiency standards for residential appliances and commercial equipment
  • Software development projects to gather and organize data on efficient appliances in the US market
  • Two phases of the Demand Response Potential Study for the California Public Utilities Commission, which used customer meter data to forecast detailed future demand response potential in California
  • Translating research code into reusable modeling software

Brian is excited to join the Recurve team to help connect energy efficiency and demand response with the grid value they deliver.

Before his tenure at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, Brian spent about a decade as a research physicist, studying observational cosmology and galaxy evolution at UC Berkeley and Stanford. Brian completed his undergraduate degree at Williams College, his Master's from Cambridge University (UK), and his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys cycling, radio DJing, and light home improvement projects at his residence in Berkeley, where he resides with his wife, son, two cats, and four chickens.

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