Recurve Welcomes Cara Marie, Vice President of Security & Infrastructure

November 8, 2023

Cara's commitment to securing digital landscapes and building resilient infrastructure is the heart of her role at Recurve. She combines her extensive experience, professional rigor, and a constant drive for knowledge to bring about measurable progress and positive impact. Cara began her career in the field as a Security Consultant for iSEC Partners, a role that laid the foundation of her expertise. Her passion for cybersecurity then propelled her to the position of Research Director at NCC Group, focusing on offensive security research.

Cara later joined Datadog, where she established and led the company's offensive security team while also managing incident response and defensive security. Her work at Datadog laid the groundwork for her next role at Opendoor, where she managed their incident response and offensive security. A respected figure within the cybersecurity community, Cara frequently shares her insights at renowned security conferences such as Black Hat, Usenix Enigma, and Derbycon.

Away from the screens, Cara finds balance and joy in her personal life. Together with her husband, she manages a highland cattle ranch in North Carolina. The delightfully furry cows bring a tranquility that contrasts nicely with the digital battles she fights every day. Cara continues her study of security, in her free time, although with a new baby in the family, finding quiet moments for research has become a more challenging puzzle.

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