Recurve Welcomes Marines Alvarez as People Operations Manager

October 12, 2021

Welcome, Marines!

Marines joins Recurve to head People Operations to help us maintain our company’s unique and collaborative culture as we scale up. She brings with her 10 years of comprehensive human resources experience, having dedicated that time to building programs, writing effective people policy, attracting and retaining talent, and championing diversity and equity within businesses. 

Marines holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Florida and is passionate about bringing teams together through effective communication. She is also passionate about living in Florida. 

Marines' main hobby is having hobbies.  A typical Recurve overachiever, Marines has a second undergraduate degree in biology, (from when she thought wanted to be a researcher), reads 100 books a year, freelances as an editor for fiction manuscripts, and bakes very badly.

Her name is spelled like U.S. Marines, but is not pronounced that way.

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