Recurve Welcomes our New CTO: Mark Kinsella

February 16, 2023

Mark has spent years scaling software platforms and teams with companies like Lyft and Opendoor. He brings that experience to Recurve where he can put it to use building scalable software and analytics and fighting climate change. 

At Opendoor, Mark oversaw the engineering organization and helped scale their platforms and teams. Before that, he built and led numerous engineering teams at Lyft, including in the Support & Internal Tools, Safety & Insurance, and Driver Divisions. He eventually helped the company through its IPO.

Mark comes from a family of teachers and naturally began his career on the path to professor-hood. Though he ended up pivoting and getting his Bachelor of Science in computer science and engineering, he kept his passion for helping others succeed alive. He started by managing interns and helping new graduates, which led him to engineering leadership. 

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