Recurve is Excited to Welcome Richard Boehnke as Customer Solutions Manager!

August 19, 2020

Recurve is excited to welcome Richard Boehnke as Customer Solutions Manager. 

Richard brings a global perspective along with experience in both sustainable energy and program management to the team. He is passionate about learning and identifying areas where impact is possible and is fascinated by the breadth of problems sustainable solutions can address.

Richard earned a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from the University of Michigan and Master of Science and Ingenieur degrees in sustainable energy technology from Delft University of Technology. Prior to joining Recurve, Richard was a program manager for commercial, industrial, and public sector energy efficiency programs at Franklin Energy.

Though originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Richard has lived and worked in Vietnam, India, and the Netherlands. Currently residing in Chicago, he loves to throw pottery at his home studio, attempts (and ultimately fails) to cook the delicious foods he ate internationally, and tries to not decimate his houseplants.

Connect with Richard on LinkedIn.

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