Webinar: Innovations in Financing Building Energy Efficiency

June 1, 2022

Date: Friday, June 10th 2022
Time: 2:00 PM ET

Matt Golden, Recurve
Steven Fawkes, ep group
Rob Harmon, MEETS Coalition

Moderated by:
Katelyn Meehan, Wells Fargo

Saving money is great, but what if you could get paid to be more efficient?

In a world of financial instrument innovations, there are new opportunities for efficiency projects to make money.

In this online presentation for the annual Passive House for All conference, Matt Golden, Steven Fawkes, and Rob Harmon explore how emerging financial vehicles can provide cash flows for energy efficiency providers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe traditional roadblocks or bottlenecks in getting the full financial value out of high-performing energy-efficient buildings.
  • Outline new financing strategies that are working to unlock value and income streams in energy-efficient buildings.
  • Describe further market adjustments that will help realize the potential of efficiency/income synergies.
  • Outline how new financial developments today may open up further creative and powerful options in the future.

Passive House Network 2022 is a national conference that will feature experts from the interrelated disciplines of building efficiency, social equity, electrification, and embodied carbon. The 2022 conference will draw out how all stakeholders can work with more purpose across disciplines.


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