Webinar: Matching Ambitious EU Efficiency Goals with Profitable Business Models

May 23, 2022

Date: May 31, 2022
Time: 4:00 - 5:30 PM CET
Who it's for: ESCOs, financial institutions, climate agencies, EEFIG, policymakers, power system operators

Learn how profitable pay-for-performance (P4P) models for efficiency and demand flexibility can help the European Union meet its aggressive greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

Join Recurve CEO Matt Golden, Filippos Anagnostopoulos of IEECP, Johan Coolen of Factor 4, and Monica Pascual of GENCAT for a lively EU Green Week discussion on how pay-for-performance efficiency can work in the European context.

In his presentation, Matt Golden will explain how comprehensive performance-based efficiency and demand flexibility is taking off in the United States. Matt will focus on California, where the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) last year approved a $150 million statewide Market Access Program (based on Recurve's FLEXmarket) to help address the state's 2022-23 summer reliability emergency.

Filippos Anagnostopoulos will explain how the SENSEI model builds on American experience to develop similar models in the European context. Johan Coolen and Monica Pascual will explore how pay-for-performance approaches can help Europe meet its newly updated 2030 Green Deal greenhouse gas emission reduction targets by rewarding efficiency as an energy resource and new grid service and turning a project’s value into an investable asset for private financing.

In addition, the presentations and discussion will address questions including:

  • What are the drivers and barriers to implementing pay-for-performance in the EU?
  • How is the EU regulatory and policy situation different from the US?
  • What does the provider/aggregator ecosystem look like in Europe?
  • How can new approaches address data challenges?
  • What are the prospects for financing performance-based markets in Europe?

Don't miss this important conversation on how performance-based efficiency and flexibility can help Europe meet its greenhouse gas targets.

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