Michael Keasey Joins Recurve as a Business Development Manager

June 30, 2021

Welcome Michael!

Michael joins Recurve after a five-year tour at Siemens Energy, where he worked in sales and marketing for a wide range of power generation and T&D products and services. He is excited to apply his broad knowledge of energy markets and systems to help bring forward a new era of demand flexibility solutions. His time spent modeling decarbonization roadmaps for the supply side of the industry taught him that demand-side management will be critical if utilities plan to hit carbon reduction targets in a cost-effective manner.

Although he has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, Michael felt the need to understand the chaos of the business world. After completing his MBA at the University of Florida, he was ready to join Recurve to bombard them with useless terminology from his coursework, all in the name of fighting climate change.

Not content to merely explore every aspect of the energy world, in his spare time Michael busies himself with watching an inordinate number of courses on YouTube and MasterClass to fill his brain with information he’s sure will come in handy (one day). Michael also has an affinity for music, and is known for completing all Rock Band drum tracks on expert mode at the young age of 16. He has since graduated to a real drum kit, which was used to record drums on actual albums and live shows in Orlando, Florida.

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